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asked me, as a mature woman, if I would like to check out some dating agencies.I may be single, but I’m very comfortable on my own.He is instantly engaging, and our conversation is effortless.I enjoy myself — though I have a niggling suspicion from the way leaves me with a brief peck on the cheek that romance is not on the cards.Feeling seriously offended, Ms Fontaine decided to ignore Elect Club’s demands for her to set up a direct debit. I was planning to get out before I had to pay any more money.’She was offered another introduction, this time to an IT worker called Terry, who was in his 50s and from Pinner.She says: ‘I thought I had better play ball and go along on at least one date, otherwise they would say I hadn’t tried.’They met at Sloane Square, in Chelsea, where Terry emerged from the Underground station wearing an anorak and carrying a rucksack.The following week I hear that “Freddie” has been given my mobile number (in all my encounters, the man was given my phone number, and either rang or texted. Freddie is a 57-year-old Irish businessman, public school and Oxbridge — and a total delight. But when he mentions that of his six children, four are under 19, I realize that he is not for me — he’s got enough on his plate.I’m surprised at how relaxed I feel — if you are paying someone to matchmake, it’s up to them to get it right. Its signing-on fee of ₤15,000 rises in relation to your demands: if you want a Japanese man with fluent French and a degree in engineering, he will cost you!

But I don’t feel rejected or upset: a professional matchmaker’s involvement changes the whole process. All the agencies say it takes five or six attempts to get it right.

At the very least, talking about what I want in a partner has focused my thinking.

I feel sure that I’ll meet someone with whom to share those special days and maybe quite a bit more — hopefully by Christmas!

Lemarc Thomas, the managing director, is a gentle but determined Cupid and the rich beat a path to his door from across the world.

He has a background in psychology, asks about my relationship history, my ideal man, career, taste in music as well as travel and holiday preferences.

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