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As the world’s #1 source of dating industry news and analysis, GDI is uniquely placed to help professionals make connections and find new opportunities in the sector.

Every week, we update our list of jobs and post any new vacancies here.

Also read: 7 reasons to love your boss The dating side of the site costs per month and recently surpassed 777,000 subscribers up from around 485,000 two years ago when Warren returned to the company as CEO after leaving in 2007.

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“When you ask what’s the most important quality in a marriage, most people say kindness, but I would argue that it’s adaptability,” he says.

That said, Slater says a dating company moving into the jobs market might strike some people (at first glance) as odd.

“If you’re in a bar getting drunk trying to meet new people, would you want a bunch of recruiters walking up asking if you need a new job?

A freelance consultant can help your dating business increase its market share in an effective manner.

You can hire a dating professional and tap the opportunities in this line of business.

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