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Archaeologists have discovered the remains of early in working beneath important religious shrine in the Great lakes religion dating back over 2,000 years ago.Egyptians were the first people known to have used copper; Benin the Bronze casters had guild called Igun Eronwon through making various metal tools people interacted due to the need of the commodities through interactions.Those who practice medicine interacted with many members of the society as patient visited some of the well known medicine men and women.Some medicine men and women were also political advisors and leaders example Kinjekitile Ngwale of Southern Tanzania most of the medicine were extracted from plant roots, barks and leaves e.g.Through interaction of one community practiced medicine interacted with another led to some changes such as introduction of iron technology in East Africa.Religion played a crucial role in all African societies.

The king of Shona (Mwanamtapa) was regarded as decline.Before colonialism, African communities had social and economic interactions.East Africa belongs to four main language groups namely the Khoisan, the Cushites, the Nilotes and the Bantu.Therefore social interactions strengthened through marriage. At the same time marriage led to emergence of new culture examples Swahili culture as the result of mixture of Bantu and Arab culture.African communities used various kinds of metal to make tools, weapons, utensil and ornaments; some of the widely used metals were iron, Bronze, Gold, Copper and tin.

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