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For example, a Greek Orthodox man can marry a Roman Catholic woman, as long as the marriage is done by an Orthodox priest in an Orthodox Church.

This should serve as an introduction to the role the Church plays in a Greek wedding, after all the celebration afterwards celebrates what happens at the Church.

Would I be accepted into Orthodoxy and be granted all the holy…

My question is, I am divorced, and I want to get married to a guy that is an Orthodox Christian.

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” When it comes to marriage, the issue is not whether or not you are ‘Greek’, as Greek is the ethnicity.This unfortunately creates a bit of a ‘grey-area’ where soon-to-be couples may find themselves with the daunting task of trying to figure out how they fit into the strict practices of the Church.All of this information, coupled with the advice of family and friends who are ‘just trying to help’ can make things much more confusing.In Greek America, weddings over time have adopted many of the social characteristics of their mainstream American counterparts.But one thing that is clear, the wedding ceremony itself has remained completely and distinctively Greek Orthodox.

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